Game Theory: FNAF Security Breach, I Know the BIG TWIST... I think 

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You probably read the title and thought something like, "There goes MatPat, trying to figure out a FNAF game that's not even out yet." Well, you may be RIGHT but you are also WRONG! I'm not "trying" to solve the big TWIST of FNAF Security Breach. All of my days of gathering evidence and researching the Five Nights at Freddy's universe means that I KNOW my stuff. In fact, I know it SO WELL that I can predict - without playing the game - what we will learn that will change the shape of the FNAF story moving forward. What is it? How do I KNOW? Theorists, you'll have to watch to find out.
Glitchtrap render by EliteRobo ► www.deviantart.com/eliterobo/art/FNaF-SFM-Glitchtrap-Malhare-Render-1-V-2-811441767
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Pedro Freitas, Tyler Mascola, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman




14-Noy, 2020



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FuhNaff 3 oy oldin
LETS GOOOOOO!!!! SO hyped for this 😱🎉 Let’s see what you got MatPat 😉🤔
Aaron Hortina
Aaron Hortina 3 kun oldin
But it feels like it's just only the beginning
Peachy Land
Peachy Land 7 kun oldin
!IMPORTANT PLZ READ THiS !if you pause the trailer at the animatronics part it shows more Of Vanny and also might show a new ROOM maybe a dying screen with checkers and banners on the walls and you can make out a so so doorway like in the VR LOBBY ALSO AT ThE END IF YOu WATCH iT SAyS 2021 SO WE MIGHt GEt THE GAME THiS YEAR
Aiden Stern
Aiden Stern 2 oy oldin
Ms Bullet81
Ms Bullet81 2 oy oldin
Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger 2 oy oldin
okay. So I can no longer ignore all the Glitchtrap clues pointing straight to William like a giant glowing arrow in favor of the possibility of it being Michael. That said, I'm still skeptic about Michael really being dead and I still think the description of that burned body in the hospital matches Michael pretty suspiciously.
Galixy Gacha
Galixy Gacha Soat oldin
Drewtiful 2 soat oldin
This Vanny/GlitchTrap thing also falls in line with the 2 Souls inhabiting a single object. One decent, one angry/in anguish. Weird pattern.
John Kelley
John Kelley 3 soat oldin
he got 500000000000000000000000 IQ ngl
Roosay 4 soat oldin
22:25 yoo she kinda bad tho
Puppymcpupsters 5 soat oldin
Look there's an Alligator Character in the trailer for the new game, in the FNAF theory before this you mentioned something about a kid in an alligator mask! Maybe there's a connection idk just thought you might want to look into it.
lex depressed
lex depressed 5 soat oldin
who else agrees reading emails are scary but *TAXES* are the scariest more scary then fnaf vr in vr
lex depressed
lex depressed 5 soat oldin
who else has had him in your childhood just watching him for hours and trying to figure out the small and big rocks
Top Hat
Top Hat 6 soat oldin
The video starts at 5:50
Rip Crockwell
Rip Crockwell 6 soat oldin
i saw the kurtzgesagt calendar glad to know we are both fans :D
Mr Corbz
Mr Corbz 7 soat oldin
Ya sure in trailer freddy seemed a tad chummy with greg
SuttonTV 7 soat oldin
Luis is down bad.
SuttonTV 7 soat oldin
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez 9 soat oldin
pretty cool game theorists.
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez 9 soat oldin
Security Breach is cooling to what ever play Station.
Sophia Byrne
Sophia Byrne 10 soat oldin
Hey matpat i just wanna say that if you listen to the end of some fnaf ultimate custom night voice lines (nedd bear, happy frog Orville elephant) if you listen VERY closely you might be able to hear another voice in the background. I have no idea who this is but my best guess is Cassidy the vengeful spirt.
hert boy
hert boy 10 soat oldin
New trailer Trailer 2
dirtbikegamer94 Z
dirtbikegamer94 Z 12 soat oldin
Person named Jim must be like o_o nope
Zalidia 13 soat oldin
Somehow I missed this episode
Abi Dean
Abi Dean 14 soat oldin
If you watch the new gameplay trailer there’s a new animatronic arm which looks similar to the animatronics in fnaf 4. What if instead of Glitchtrap/William A isn’t trying to take over Vanny’s mind/body but instead use her to create his own animatronic body which she must upload him to?
epic gamR
epic gamR 14 soat oldin
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Amandus 14 soat oldin
"I know the big twist" said every FNAF fan ever
Laura Kastrup
Laura Kastrup 17 soat oldin
“Classic case of Jekyll and Hyde” But... but Jekyll was aware of Hyde. He KNEW Hyde. He CREATED Hyde... wait a minute
ItFleeb 18 soat oldin
The clothes look pog
lampshade hitman
lampshade hitman 18 soat oldin
Yoggy 19 soat oldin
Melissa Cavallo
Melissa Cavallo 19 soat oldin
Grunt Gaming
Grunt Gaming 19 soat oldin
Matpat: This may be a bit confusing 1000 episodes before this -_-
Jzombie 19 soat oldin
lets hope if they do have it it has one thing CLEAR FRIKIN CAMERAS
J_Tupper 21 soat oldin
MatPat can you do a theory about Little Nightmares II (2)
Amira sadiq
Amira sadiq 22 soat oldin
5:27 the major DRIPPP
DiGiTaL Kun oldin
Hey Theorist I hope you've heard about the Fnaf S.B Trailer 2 of PlayStation ------ uzblock.info/post/video/qLpvZJqQgYmAm7A.html
greggy catarinen
the intro almost made me spoopy
Roxy Kun oldin
Imagine Scott finished 5naf and hes like "oh I was just being creative there really isnt a plot"
Isabelle Wilson
Isabelle Wilson Kun oldin
I noticed something in the first help wanted trailer, if you listen to the music in the begging it is the same tune as ballora's music box. As matpat has said "scot dont do coincidences".
Jj bb
Jj bb Kun oldin
so my theory is that mayby in security breach that there is gonna be like separate nights and like each part is 1/4 of the long night and in each part one of the anametronics chase you maybe one night is chicka chasing you and the other is Rocksand wolf will chase you and thats what I think thats my theory.
Pedro Carlson
Pedro Carlson Kun oldin
Mangles name is maddie btw
Pedro Carlson
Pedro Carlson Kun oldin
you should check out the scottworld youtube channel it has important info
Porch Channel
Porch Channel Kun oldin
So we wait.........
purple guy
purple guy Kun oldin
I always come back
Noah George
Noah George Kun oldin
Good thorey
Juju King
Juju King Kun oldin
Scott after seeing this: so guess what, FNAF:SL was actually a alternate universe, and the only cannon games are 2,3, and 4. Security breach was actually a fan made game as well, and the crying child never actually died and the books exist just to mislead you, those aren’t cannon either
Unknown Kun oldin
Here before matpat makes a 24 hour video about the new security breach gameplay trailer
Axel pelayo
Axel pelayo Kun oldin
it so funny when he said he he has more jason vorhees
PuppySpys Kun oldin
This will be the most fun explanation from security breach of all time 🥳🥳🥳👍👍
Matt M
Matt M Kun oldin
The trailer for the game is out! And you need to see it
Niloofar Javadian
In the 5 first Minettes of the video I was just making some weird excited noises 😆 😅
Tenny TNT
Tenny TNT Kun oldin
Ik it’s small but what if the woman singing the man behind the slaughter is vanny listen to what she says, she talks about not having control and soon she will be a puppet
Keegan mullins
Keegan mullins Kun oldin
What was the thing about the child hiding inside glamrock freddy.
Vector Darryl
Vector Darryl Kun oldin
Annie x Tokyo
Annie x Tokyo Kun oldin
Has anyone even tried to NOT collect the tapes like at all yet? What would even happen then? Does Glitchtrap ultimately fail?
Cornelius Johnson
i shidded while watch
Sonicnour 59
Sonicnour 59 Kun oldin
MatPat: the killer bunny Minecraft vaterans: *Remembering the dark days*
Sleepy Pasta Gaming
Id give up after realizing my life is literally a game you know And my resurrection is IN A GAME
Blackemperess Kun oldin
Newest trailer releases: Night Guard: _"I'm here to help Gregory!"_ Fnaf players: (งಠ_ಠ)ง. σ( •̀ ω •́ σ)
Walker Moore
Walker Moore Kun oldin
i think that there are going to be 2 parts of the game 1 where you play as vanny as a security guard and at night where the hide and seek comes in play
Gabe’s Universe
5:45 do not click
David McBride
David McBride Kun oldin
Thank you mat pat. I was in saint jude and I beat cancer two days ago. I can't thank you enough mat. I really didn't want to live anymore
neo myles
neo myles Kun oldin
EuphoriaXLV Kun oldin
Marco Kardan
Marco Kardan Kun oldin
Ur a genius
Nathan McGrath
Nathan McGrath Kun oldin
Kohatsu Ch.
Kohatsu Ch. Kun oldin
Who came bacc here after watching Security Breach Trailer?
Ellie Kun oldin
not related by u sound like TheOdd1sOut lol! (thats a compliment ;))
Shain Bennett
Shain Bennett Kun oldin
M4D Peglica
M4D Peglica Kun oldin
Please do new fnaf trailer breakdown. Thank you
Yogurt Kun oldin
Matt Pat before making this, YES, a new fnaf theory
Pani Marta
Pani Marta Kun oldin
Let's pretend that this is exactly what's going on with Vanny. I wonder how Scott would feel knowing that his big surprise was spoiled 😂
MadTurquoise Kun oldin
I think it's worth mentioning in relation to the possibility of Afton's soul being split, the other box like shapes in the diner when the spring locks fail. I always thought these were arcade games, possibly out of order or brought into the back after closing. Perhaps this is how Afton could have ended up possessing a circuit board that would be reintegrated into Fazbear's Entertainment without dealing with a body. Metal pieces that are eventually extracted from arcade games, which are recycled into their new circuit boards (the ones we see infected by glitchtrap). His soul is still most prominently in the suit still though, which is why the suit can walk and he still has a physical form, as well as why his influence over Vanny isn't absolute. Just a thought.
Zuwaria Sarafine
Zuwaria Sarafine
Aviators Airline
Security breach- WAIT... CONTAIMENT BREACH?!
Suspicious Protagonist
the night guard and vanny probably the same person cuz people call the new nightguard vanessa
Martin Hodges
Martin Hodges 2 kun oldin
Do you think Scott Cawthon watches MatPat's FNAF videos, and if he gets a part of the lore right, he changes it?
Fucking riot
Fucking riot 2 kun oldin
I have a little theory of my own: People always push Fnaf World away but it might have some hidden lore Like Glitch trap was presented to us before Help Wanted V.R “Malhare” so that brings a lot of questions Also I don’t know if you knew and it’s not really Fnaf World but in Custom night you can do a glitch that brings you into Old man consequences’s lake and if you fiddle with the sounds in the background you can hear William screaming for mike and Henry while he burns..in hell. uzblock.info/post/video/mqd6emSsloCeoaw.html
Junior Flemming W.
Junior Flemming W. 2 kun oldin
Why do I get the feeling that the female security officer in security breach is gonna be Vanny?......
Steven Compres
Steven Compres 2 kun oldin
How did William turn into glitch trap
Shelby Pierce
Shelby Pierce 2 kun oldin
*clicks video wondering why Rhett and Link are in the moving thumbnail*
Anime God
Anime God 2 kun oldin
5:45 :p
L L 2 kun oldin
I thought the letters in the opening clip thing was cool
Issac Channel 1
Issac Channel 1 2 kun oldin
Is it bad that I’ve been ignoring all FNAF SB trailers since the reveal talked in the video? I’m trying to go in entirely blind when it comes out.
2 kun oldin
22:24 from the new trailer we know they’re different people. The security guard on the left is an ally
Nooby 2 kun oldin
I swear Scott is just playing with Matt at this point.
Fun Fact
Fun Fact 2 kun oldin
I love how Scott Cawthon puts clues outside of the game. Super smart. Also it’s funny that we don’t care about the other stories. If any other kids are killed I doubt we’d care-
S3x Therapist
S3x Therapist 2 kun oldin
If you serch up William afton on some link it saids his 2nd death was 2023 just wanted to say
Origami 2 kun oldin
Play station always gets the good games. *cries in xbox*
Hi 2 kun oldin
w a l t e r
w a l t e r 2 kun oldin
pale pie
Maxximus Hicks
Maxximus Hicks 2 kun oldin
question for matpat: Is glitchtrap in any way related to RWQFSFASXC?
Warcrime Klee
Warcrime Klee Kun oldin
0mqx 2 kun oldin
luis is down bad bro
Kristen Campbell-Blumhagen
Quick mini theory: what if vanny/Vanessa is William afton’s wife? Her name is listed under V_A so it’s a possibility, or she could a relative hmm🤔
James Jett
James Jett 2 kun oldin
16:02 I kinda liked fnaf world
Debonay Joseph
Debonay Joseph 2 kun oldin
I had to pause the video at 9 books 😭 man I’m really behind, last I knew there were 4 of those. This franchise keeps growing and growing 😂
Magelic 2 kun oldin
THATS IT the security gard on the fnaf security brach is vannie!!!!
AylaElectricWolf& SuperZach Weaver
MatPat, you are the BEST theorist for games, you know that? Or will theorize that too? Jokes on me By the way, you are a very generous person! You are very kind to raise so much money for St. Jude!!!
Mikey The legendary grinder
ANY one rember the fnaf musical
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 2 kun oldin
Really cool merch
Pidgeon Patrol
Pidgeon Patrol 2 kun oldin
Look, I understand why you went with it but “vegan leather” is literally just plastic. It’s worse for the environment overall, since it sheds micro plastic and won’t last as long.
Hershcat 2 kun oldin
==================== New Theory: The Tally Theory ==================== Note: This theory is not complete and has many holes, I would love if people could expand on this by replying and share their opinions :) So, I was interested in learning the idea that the bite victim was in the Emily family and not the Afton family. It seemed like common knowledge that William was angry with the loss of his own child. It did not add up. I mean sure he might have killed kids for the science, but I actually think something is going on here. I think that there might be a logical explanation for this bloodbath besides William just feeling bored one day and wanting to see what would happen if he stabbed some kids really hard with a sharp knife. As we know Williams first victim was Charlotte, and she was killed at the pizzeria. Now as we also know, Henry and William worked together. Another thing we know is that his next victims end up stuffed inside of suits leading to the children possessing them. So my theory takes place before Charlotte. What if there was some tension with Henry and William, what if something happened between them that would lead to William getting fired, and not being able to make a living, William wanted revenge. Maybe, but I want to bring up something. Notice the tally marks in the FNAF logbook. Originally no one knew why they were there but we also knew that since William wrote them, they have to have something to do with the lore. I think I know what they are. As recorded there were tallies 5, 4, and 5 on page 31. Immediately what might come to mind when you see Five is the victims of William, but bear with me for a second. First is Five, which I believe to represent the children during the final minigame of Fnaf 4, the Foxy kid, Chica kid, Bonnie kid, Freddy kid, and finally the crying child. The four representing the date that Fredbears Family Diner closed. Now the final five on page 31, represents the five missing children. The reason I picked the page 31, was because i separated the number of 31, and got 30 1. 1 representing the one suit that William saw and hid inside of in attempts to escape the spirits of his victims, and 30 being the number of years he was left to rot in the safe room. On page 19 there are 10 tallies. 19 - 10 = 9, and page 9 has 5 tallies, so does page 36 and 100. Giving you 5, 5, 5. That could be William in the spring suit, rotting and only remembering those he killed. Him replaying his death over and over, filling himself with rage. This seems silly, but the point of this is to find out why William killed those who he killed. I am assuming, Henry and William got in a fight. It led to William being so mad that he stormed out the building, and as he was leaving, he noticed Charlotte outside the pizzarea, and he took out all his rage on her. He realized what he did and ran home. The crying child was bitten, causing the pizzeria to close down. William lost this job because of the four kids, who caused it all. He lured them into the back of a room, and one of their friends wanted to tag along so that spirit, Cassidy came along as well. They all got killed by William. Him putting 5 in the logbook, must be him realising that the fifth victim was innocent and that he should not have killed that fifth one.
Icecreamscoop25 2 kun oldin
5:30 at some point can we bring this back?
Gilo Aguilar
Gilo Aguilar 2 kun oldin
The new fnaf book is out
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