Game Theory: FNAF, Another Mystery SOLVED! 

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Today Loyal Theorists and FNAF fans, we get ready to lock in another piece of the Five Nights at Freddy's puzzle. Remember the awful brother in the Foxy mask from FNAF 4? Well I have finally figured out the true identity of Foxy Bro! That's rights, I'm saying I've CONFIRMED a new piece of FNAF lore... until Scott decides to chance things....
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Forrest Lee, Koen Verhagen, Pedro Freitas, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman




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Caspian Smith
Caspian Smith 2 soat oldin
Hey MatPat, since you already have a game, film and food theory, why not do a BOOK theory as well? just to, you know, "finish the four corners of your trademark circle" just a thought, because some books need answers that arent so obviouse, catch what I mean? Harry Potter would be a great start.BTW you should make it blue.
Natalie Vasquez
Natalie Vasquez 3 soat oldin
Well your not wrong I do believe this theory but the part with Ballora being possessed and your right she is! You see William wife Clara died because after William's daughter started possessing Cirrus Baby she drove to the hospital to see William about her daughter but drove off a cliff and now possess Ballora. So I thought that would be nice to say. ;3
Luis Pastoriza
Luis Pastoriza 6 soat oldin
Starii Nights
Starii Nights 9 soat oldin
Mike- I should be dead but I’m not Me- WELCOME TO THE CLUB!
Starii Nights
Starii Nights 9 soat oldin
I’m pretty sure the hologram of ballora is ballora’s soul, Clara Afton (NOT COMFIRMED) she’s trying to become a human again like when molten Freddy had her soul I also think that Clara died in a car crash that’s just my theory but she is kinda a motherly animatronic IDK though she also had 3 children and the minirenas are kinda like her children
Pur3_Cha0s 9 soat oldin
It didn't make sense -MatPat
lex depressed
lex depressed 10 soat oldin
the *its me* is the most longest on going mystery in the *WHOLE* fnaf series its been so long but we finally know and with help with the comments huge people like mat,reddit,twitter, and face booke. iconic
lex depressed
lex depressed 10 soat oldin
game theory grew so much after the fnaf series it amaing and iconic.
Do you like I mean you know like everything you are so smart
Melon Wolf
Melon Wolf 14 soat oldin
Theory- So you know how the glasses make Ballora appear, and in fnaf AR, you need your phone to see the animatronics
Noellie Playz
Noellie Playz 16 soat oldin
I have a random theory but here, We all know the 3 jeremies right 1 missing a frontal lobe, 1, cut of his own face, one dead. I think those represents 3 types of Bonnies Jeremy (FNaF VR) = Withered Bonnie Jeremy (FNaF 6 grave ending) Bonnie Jeremy (FNaF 2) is still a mystery though Sorry for my English
Gacha Gachie Studios
Gacha Gachie Studios 18 soat oldin
In fnaf ar the animatronics r only eyes unless you shock them so ballots might be a ar animatronic and the phone is basically like the cardboard glasses
iiTreeckoKingii _
iiTreeckoKingii _ 18 soat oldin
hmmmm a fazbear frights book number 4 talks about a fnaf 4 character
Phoenix Tutorials
Phoenix Tutorials 19 soat oldin
watching at 1.25x speed bc i hate myself
bubblegum bean
bubblegum bean 22 soat oldin
IS EVERYONE GONNA IGNORE THE FACT THAT THIS VIDEO HERE RIGHT HERE 👇 uzblock.info/post/video/y8xpm3ZqdrGxZ5I.html Like, The one who put c.c in fredbear's mouth is called *T E R R E N C E*
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 17 soat oldin
What official fnaf media does that video play in?
Faith Gaudi
Faith Gaudi Kun oldin
So I just watched almost 42 videos in a row and what I’ve gotten from this is... there is no lore. If anything at all can happen at any time in anyway Scott wants it to, there are no bounds in this universe. There are no explanations. It’s just going to continue to build and build upon itself, expanding like the universe until it eventually collapses on itself.
Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim Kun oldin
Foxy:to be a pirate you need to loose a eye and a arm Withered bonnie:check check time to Face the consequences of your failure
alexis Johnson
alexis Johnson Kun oldin
one this i dont understand about the micheal is foxybro thing is why is foxy bro pale with black eyes during the first miny game, then later darker with white ones? just like william was pink with black eyes, then later purple with white ones.
Catra Kun oldin
So we just gonna ignore the fact that in FNAF AR, the animatronics are INVISIBLE? Just like Ballora is in Dance With Me? What if that story and Special Delivery are connected?
ShadowGenji22 Kun oldin
😅 me hearing about Mattpats idea "We are gunna die"
Ethan Coleman
Ethan Coleman Kun oldin
Fnaf ar has invisible animitronics and lore connections to help wanted
Delzami Kun oldin
Today we are sponsored by myself.
tammy brandstetter
I know what happened in the 2 story that was blorras Spirit Getting closers to pesesing her making her dance
khanerre Kun oldin
Ballora has little pin shaped things on her tutu, similar to the ones that Baby has that allow her to transform to pass as human. Ballora's pins are larger and colored, but still have a similar shape and are out of place on her tutu. Maybe Ballora can also transform to look human? It would make sense since if Baby and Ballora are both stand-ins for William Afton's family members that they would both have similar technology. Maybe all of the motherly characters that Kasey comes into contact with in the story are secretly Ballora in disguise, and maybe her hologram is just a product of one of those discs that produce hallucinations or something. Maybe Ballora and Baby are the original mom and daughter combo from the story, and when Kasey steals the glasses they choose her to pretend to be next. Just spitballing. EDIT: If you compare Baby and Ballora's blueprints, the pins actually look glaringly similar. Baby actually has extra pins inside her head, and Ballora is shown to have similar pins as part of her bun. The blueprint explanation for Ballora's page also says to see Circus Baby's blueprint for extra details about her deter and misdirect technology. This further suggests that the two animatronics share similar technology, which could include the pins! Still just a theory, but an exciting one to consider!
Alan Perez
Alan Perez Kun oldin
Can u hear the song "its been so long" that will give you a bit of a clue on ballora. Also the name gacha es uses is Clara Afton
スワッグ少女 2 kun oldin
idk if its just me but cassidy is so scary in that deepfried filter
Shado_nightime 2 kun oldin
Almost every dam time he talks abt girls or fanny there goes a buds light ad-
・:*Hõłÿ _Wátęr*.’
So I’m just binging on all MatPat’s older Fnaf theories-
Peggy dewey
Peggy dewey 2 kun oldin
Pete's also an ORGAN donor
Kamaro 1412
Kamaro 1412 2 kun oldin
ever thought that fnaf ar is like invisible/ holographic ballora, you cant see balora without the glasses like you cant see the robots without your phone.
Turtle Texter
Turtle Texter 3 kun oldin
Can you theory about the Afton Family also Sister Location!
Saxel Adude
Saxel Adude 3 kun oldin
today is march first
Lydia Tingley
Lydia Tingley 3 kun oldin
OMG WE NEED THE PIZZIRIA I WILL FLY ALL ACROSS TEH COUNTRY FOR IT PLEASE SCOTT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Audreeana Staton
Audreeana Staton 3 kun oldin
yesssssssssssss do it PLZ
Hoblgof 3 kun oldin
It would be nice if we could get some confirmation form Scott
Lord Grassy Leaf
Lord Grassy Leaf 3 kun oldin
I going to end
That Gaming Furry
That Gaming Furry 3 kun oldin
Giraffe 3 kun oldin
The survival logbook questions then to MatPat: A never ending hell The survival logbook questions now to MatPat: Oh those are easy to solve
Aaron Faddis
Aaron Faddis 3 kun oldin
My sister really likes for f F naf
ELITE INF1N1TE 3 kun oldin
I hope rule 34 doesn't get any ideas about belora. Like seriously
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 3 kun oldin
We all living in 2021 while this guy living in 2016
Cassidy Stout
Cassidy Stout 3 kun oldin
so who is the crying child?
AngryAb 3 kun oldin
The way he says "And an arm" sends shivers down one's spine.
GachaCooler Police
GachaCooler Police 3 kun oldin
Wait he makes theory’s on food👁👄👁
MHG Band
MHG Band 3 kun oldin
I know it's late coming back to this, but considering that we know Baby can change her appearance to make her look human, why couldn't Balora camouflage herself. It could be that she isn't a ghost and just uses her illusion lollypop things to blend her into the background. This would explain why she affects the world around her. I would have to stretch the idea with it being only detectable with cardboard glasses, but I suppose that's how 3d in movies has worked. Either way, I like your videos and hope to see more stuff in the future.
Eh Fizzy
Eh Fizzy 3 kun oldin
So the phantoms you said didn’t mess with the real world? They are illusions and they in fact turned off ventilation, audio, and visual cameras? Jus a theory
RiahSparrow 4 kun oldin
i don't think that mike was responsible for his death tho. the foxy mask and skin color of the other boy is slightly different and pete never put his brother in THAT much danger. pete is definitely a parallel for mike afton, but mike wasnt the one that killed the crying child (Evan). I think that the kids in the animatronic masks were the missing children and William obviously killed them because he wanted to avenge his dead son. Mike was probably in the Golden Bonnie suit that was moving in the background because he knows how to use them very well as seen in Sister Location. Since The boy in the freddy mask (Gabriel) wasn't too involved in the murder, he killed his last. Then was the kid in the foxy mask (Fritz), did the worst, he killed him third and decided to shove him behind a curtain. Bonnie (Jeremy), was killed since he said mean things to mike on stage about his brother. and Chica (Susie), helped carry Evan and so she was killed First. wouldn't make sense for Mike to kill his own brother for no reason. He only scared him for the funzies.
Mark Murdock
Mark Murdock 4 kun oldin
"What do you remember" and "Do you remember your name" are pretty common questions that paramedics use when speaking to someone with head trauma (such as a car accident), maybe those questions are supposed to be directed at FoxBro...
XSpade 4 kun oldin
Anyone else remember the song, "Join Us For a Bite" when SL was released? Yeah.. And remember the line "And Freddy told us you're an organ donor." Yeah ... Okay buddt
Shattered Dreams GC
Gacha_Rxes 4 kun oldin
Wait what I’ve conducted so far is the people in golden Freddy could possibly be Micheal(crying child) and Cassidy
Omega Boi
Omega Boi 4 kun oldin
15:15 makes Freddy not as scary as i initially thought. Its more heartfelt/sad now.
Emma Fuller
Emma Fuller 4 kun oldin
Golden Bare is a girl -_- 👁👄👁 😜
Alonzo Flores
Alonzo Flores 4 kun oldin
Goosebumps vs Freddy Fazbear’s Freddy Fazbear’s rated R Goosebumps is Rated pg
2023ashley Yordy
2023ashley Yordy 4 kun oldin
But my eye-
Viscool 8332
Viscool 8332 4 kun oldin
isn't cloaking canon in the mobile AR game?
Help Friends Services
mike is that foxy but hes younger mikr probably liked foxy
Foxy 4 kun oldin
Purple guys doters name is alizabeth afton
Foxy 4 kun oldin
The girl that dancing name is clara afton
Foxy 4 kun oldin
Purple guys name is William Afton
Foxy 4 kun oldin
The foxy kid name is Michael Afton
Foxy 4 kun oldin
The crying childs name is Chris afton not evin
Dutch Van der linde
Don’t the haunted animatronics not hurt children?? Because they were children themselves and never wanted to hurt the people around them after what happened to them
Rhino401 4 kun oldin
11:53 Nope, I don't buy it at all. I think you're correct to draw parallels between Pete and Michael Afton (the gum thing, purple hand, should be dead but not), but anything that brought Foxy Bro into the equation was superficial (younger brother who he teases, association with Foxy, divorced parents). I would let superficial evidence slide EXCEPT for the fact that in a previous theory you established how that on pg 41 of the survival logbook, Michael Afton draws Nightmare Fredbear in red ink, establishing that Michael Afton MUST be the protagonist from FNAF 4, aka the crying child. Seeing as the more concrete evidence clashes with the superficial, I don't think Foxy Bro is Michael Afton.
Rhino401 20 soat oldin
@The Overlord MatPat claims this himself at timestamp 3:20 of his video "Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)"
Rhino401 20 soat oldin
@The Overlord Yes, that's true. However, his most recent fnaf video establishes that Michael Afton writes in red pen, Cassidy writes in faded text, and Crying Child communicates by altering the text. The Nightmare Fredbear in question is in red ink, implying that Michael Afton drew it, as opposed to the Crying Child. So one of these theories is a bit off. Either the notion of Michael Afton = crying child or the way to interpret the different types of logbook text is incorrect. That's what I'm trying to draw attention to.
The Overlord
The Overlord Kun oldin
Watch the next fnaf video he posted about Golden Freddy. There, it’s proven that the logbook (and Golden Freddy) is actually possessed by both Cassidy AND Crying Child, which is why those hints exist
08 Cubby Falgui
08 Cubby Falgui 4 kun oldin
7:25 mat: phantom animatronics cant interact with reality. literally every phantom animatronic in fnaf 3: can turn of your door or vent access.
regular gamer mobile
everyone: Michael and foxy bro are the same mat: takes 5 years to find out i thiink we are smarter than mat
Juan casas
Juan casas 5 kun oldin
So how do we know hes not Micheal Emily? Im just like kinda confused cause of previous theories
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 3 kun oldin
The game files of sister location call him “michael afton”
GamerAne06 Yt
GamerAne06 Yt 5 kun oldin
Gluten Tag
Gluten Tag 5 kun oldin
I just realized that the confusing part of the ghost in the book asking about the purple telephone toy and stuff now makes sense with the newest video showing how the ghost is talking to the Crying child who is also in the book
Zack Schmitt
Zack Schmitt 5 kun oldin
Did they ever do the restaurant because i want to go to a place like that
Noah Hornbeak
Noah Hornbeak 5 kun oldin
Fnaf at
Kirke 5 kun oldin
What if crying child ,,posesses’’ the logbook and mike is the one asking those questions after his brother was bitten. It would make sense why there were questions like ,,what do u remember’’
eRr0r-s3aRcHeR 5 kun oldin
14:55 then why is he called Pete? xd
nerdcorner 5 kun oldin
Food theory: Bubblegum - It was an ancient food that makes us immortal while we chew it, if the taste is gone your immortality is gone
darkk 64
darkk 64 5 kun oldin
Yo Wtf that idea at the start is so good
Nilmale Hettiarachchige
What if Pete is Michael brother
valeria262 5 kun oldin
Matpat I dont think you understand what 'confirmed' means
Prisciliano I
Prisciliano I 6 kun oldin
Uuuuuuh you mean that Pete =foxybro =Mike
chibby knowsdraw
chibby knowsdraw 6 kun oldin
Plsss do it!!!
Full Of Brick
Full Of Brick 6 kun oldin
Video begins at 4:30
S0m1ng Does somethin
S0m1ng Does somethin
Matpat: So, well put this to the side because there arn't really and hologram animatronics Glitchtrap: UM EXCUSE ME
epic guy
epic guy 6 kun oldin
I think think or eating that gum was why he got hurt and killed because the gum is talked about when hes in danger so I think the gum is cursed
Redh3n productions and writing
Fnaf: *has red herrings* matpat: *continuously goes for the herrings* (this was because of the middle story I think it was purposefully confusing and had no lore reveals)
Temmiegamer GG
Temmiegamer GG 6 kun oldin
Umm shadow animatronics
DigiFuse101 6 kun oldin
what if those questions being asked is mike talking to the spirit but erased the questions after doing so.
Lil Pimpin
Lil Pimpin 6 kun oldin
Theory: the cardboard glasses have the "Mind control chips" hidden in them from the twisted one's book that Matpat talks about in a previous video.
Grand Koopa
Grand Koopa 6 kun oldin
I already made a comment, but I'm watching it again. PLEASE DO THE PIZZARIA THING PLEASE!!!!!!!
BananaMan Bob Ross
BananaMan Bob Ross 6 kun oldin
I really have no clue how long ago this theory was made, but I just want to put this out there, maybe it might make more sense of Ballora and those glasses... you know like how you mentioned Ballora making leaves float around her but the girl who stole them thought how was that possible... what if Ballora, was not a hologram but instead a ghost? It seems strange to think that, honestly. But I mean, in fiction ghosts can have the ability to mess around with objects... And knowing that Ghosts are not a far-off topic to Fnaf, it could be likely...
Fnaf gachatubers: First time?
Abdulrahman Al-Hamed
Maybe the book is saying that Michael afton is the crying child and the older brother because it’s a reference to charlie in the books who interchangeable with her brother
Malcs 6 kun oldin
Video starts at 3:20
Jakub Setler
Jakub Setler 6 kun oldin
Phantom animaTronics tune extent can react with the outside world like for example phantom chica can interact with an arcade machine
Travis_ Dott
Travis_ Dott 6 kun oldin
Maybe the foxy bro’s mask came from the crying child’s foxy toy. That’s why he’s crying
Ella- Grace
Ella- Grace 6 kun oldin
Euan Brown
Euan Brown 6 kun oldin
what about the third story in the Book?
Be Yourslef
Be Yourslef 6 kun oldin
Ive Got one theory in mind for Micheal Afton is that Pete Represents Micheal and CC or Chris i wish was his name but how that short story played out was basically pointing the past life of the aftons but in different names so yea i think how this would play is C.C's Birthday and since Mike wanted to play a prank squashes C.C's head in a result of coma and sijce william well loves stuffing kids into animatronics he put C.C's body into Golden Freddy along with Cassidy as for Micheal you all know he was- wait now i see it after the birthday party of i'll say Chris (C.C) Micheal got depress so his father gave him a Job at Circus Baby- sorry you get the idea and works as a night Guard as a Teen so meaning you have to put a chain theory after this one Goodnight everybody I wish C.C was named Chris tho its not confirmed why Not Crying Child Chris which explains C.C but i dunno anyone want to add a theory to this Comment ? I hope mat pat sees this but im sure he wont because of the many many comments here so i'll leave the next paragraph to you Edit: Another theory the names used is to represent some characters
Fun with friends
Fun with friends 6 kun oldin
Im still confused on how people got chris for C.C
Amy 6 kun oldin
But what if the book is mike's and you, the reader, are basically in crying child's place? What if crying child read the survival logbook that was mike's?
Amy 6 kun oldin
The curse of the collonel made rustlers sell burgers as meal deals at tescos then made the only one a cheeseburger with orange ketchup but i dont like ketchup even though i love cheeseburgers
Fleegle 7 kun oldin
(Matpat going half-insane over the lore)Scott:write that down,write that down!
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