Game Theory: Among Us Lore, You Will ALWAYS Lose! 

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Among Us has been ruling the internet for a while now. That probably means you think you know the game pretty well by now, huh? You can SUS out the Impostors from the crewmates with your 900 IQ strategies. Except, no matter what you do, in the end we are ALL going to lose to the Impostors. That's right, I figured out the LORE of the Among Us universe. Loyal Theorists, this game is DARK. We are all doomed and the proof is in the game itself.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman




17-Okt, 2020



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Slogo Fan
Slogo Fan 4 oy oldin
Well this is probably my favourite theory
RoboPuffin Oy oldin
Here before 500 by the way
Scarlett Pugliano
Wait why where you pinned?
Maxi Santander
Maxi Santander 2 oy oldin
Dc Con Zr
Same now im paranoid about crewmates
crabbygamin 6 soat oldin
liliana toro
liliana toro 7 soat oldin
Plot twist 12:50
Rot Z
Rot Z 8 soat oldin
Here's my idea: In the Henry Stickmin universe, Among Us is a video game that bases locations off stuff in that world. Which explains why there's so many references in the game: it's merchandise. As for the locations, the idea is that the first two were meant to be original, but the Polus and Airship maps were based off real things in that universe, i.e. the planet named after Polus, and the famous airship of the Toppat Clan.
VIdeo0 .mp4
VIdeo0 .mp4 9 soat oldin
amog us
G S 9 soat oldin
Wait a minute one that mean like the reactor would be like a stupid thing for the Imposter cuz it would just kill itself non allowing itself to spread all over
Holly Parks
Holly Parks 10 soat oldin
Well this got dark real quick
rebecca ashley
rebecca ashley 16 soat oldin
Mary they kids
Kelp 16 soat oldin
If he has a daughter he should call her Loren
Capt Happy
Capt Happy 17 soat oldin
Also the chest doesnt open cuz if it did then the snap neck would be snap torso uzblock.info/post/video/nMeHeYqBlZ6xrH4.html
Capt Happy
Capt Happy 17 soat oldin
Yo how did blue vent if he was a crewmate? is he a crewpostor?!
shan da man
shan da man Kun oldin
Mat Pat have you watched 2011 the thing
magnet man
magnet man Kun oldin
The game is dead bro
Kathy Hoops
Kathy Hoops Kun oldin
Correction you can finish your task or about the imposter out so you're wrong
monica bean
monica bean Kun oldin
Game Planet Studio
@monica bean i have bin here for 5 hours until i neadet to eat
monica bean
monica bean Kun oldin
How keep idiot busy look up
monica bean
monica bean Kun oldin
How keep idiot busy look down
Xavier Martinez
Xavier Martinez Kun oldin
Im 8 years old and i all ready have a phone and im whatching game theroy
LaughingLionZ Kun oldin
Please do a Henry stickmin theory! I love that series so much!
salmon suc
salmon suc 2 kun oldin
Isbanyone gotta a theory for how mira got to this point
Bibaflay 2 kun oldin
good vid
Animating Potatoes
Animating Potatoes 2 kun oldin
Me: Explaining the complex lore of among us to my friend My Friend: *Haha funny jellybean go brrrr*
Alien 2 kun oldin
I watched both the thing movies after this and they were pretty cool. A lot of gore if youre planning to do the same thing as me
David Bowie
David Bowie 2 kun oldin
When the imposter is sus
Gabriel Gibby
Gabriel Gibby 2 kun oldin
Duh, all species have blood, need oxygen, and have hearts. It could be any humanoid alien species. And, it's not like we're the only species in the universe that has it's own food and drink products.
H Karim
H Karim 2 kun oldin
Henry theory pls
niko bellic
niko bellic 2 kun oldin
i wish you woud do some kind of terraria theory idk what about be it woud be so cool maby moon lord being chfolo (i cant spell it rigt i have dislexia)
Ryan Penalosa
Ryan Penalosa 2 kun oldin
P. Twist: You have clones. And they are the imposters!
Prince Elijiah
Prince Elijiah 2 kun oldin
The game of Among Us among us it all about trust betrayal and kill last to survive dies 9 or 10 crewmates 2 or 3 or 1 imposter Imposter’s task: Dont get voted or Accues and kill all crewmate’s Crewmate’s task: Do all task and dont get killed Game made by Innersloth
Theodore Karo
Theodore Karo 2 kun oldin
Theodore Karo
Theodore Karo 2 kun oldin
realy crewmates still win
Theodore Karo
Theodore Karo 2 kun oldin
huh how do you always lose this has nothing to do with among us always losing
Theodore Karo
Theodore Karo 2 kun oldin
also you just want content
Theodore Karo
Theodore Karo 2 kun oldin
ugh just be quiet im annoyed on how annoying this is
ZayZee Productions
ZayZee Productions 3 kun oldin
Why 02 in vent
Shadow Hunter
Shadow Hunter 3 kun oldin
I want to know how henry got the ability of multiple timelines in the henry stickman games.
Alien 3 kun oldin
Do more among us vids, if theres anything more to cover. They are fun to watch
Isaiah Lucas
Isaiah Lucas 3 kun oldin
well this is probably my favourite theory
-·Potato-Chan·- 3 kun oldin
Keep milking this game
Savage foox
Savage foox 3 kun oldin
The thing is just polus among us
Wassup Cooldudes
Wassup Cooldudes 3 kun oldin
Isn't the imposter a traitor
oceanfishy 3 kun oldin
sometimes some things are worth milking for
supernovasp 3 kun oldin
i hate your thumbnails they are too scary lol even the open scenes
Ultra The hedgehog
Ultra The hedgehog 3 kun oldin
cause they have 1 bone
Ultra The hedgehog
Ultra The hedgehog 3 kun oldin
Ultra The hedgehog
Ultra The hedgehog 3 kun oldin
actually crewmates are stickmin
Jeff Meme663
Jeff Meme663 3 kun oldin
Wouldn't the whole planet name thing intertwine the two universes?
Flossie Crosso
Flossie Crosso 3 kun oldin
7:40 GO GO GOOO!
Flossie Crosso
Flossie Crosso 3 kun oldin
7:38 Awwwwww So cute!
Flossie Crosso
Flossie Crosso 3 kun oldin
0:50 Too bad your dead. YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME!!!!!
Flossie Crosso
Flossie Crosso 3 kun oldin
0:49 Look out Red!
Flossie Crosso
Flossie Crosso 3 kun oldin
12:48 Nevermind...
Flossie Crosso
Flossie Crosso 3 kun oldin
12:47 Blue Sus
Flossie Crosso
Flossie Crosso 3 kun oldin
13:28 Blue Sus
William Is The Best!!!
the end uh
Quinn Waters
Quinn Waters 4 kun oldin
Unless you just vote out teh imposter then this theory is completely false which is the most common ending to the game most people don’t win by finishing tasks😂😂😂
Your Boi
Your Boi 4 kun oldin
Well, how would you explain the "task done" ending?
Nunu 704
Nunu 704 4 kun oldin
Oh god.... now you have mentioned oxygen I have forgotten how to breathe.
Nightmare Cat
Nightmare Cat 4 kun oldin
I have an idea how the "virus" managed to infiltrate the various maps. I believe that if the crewmates choose the imposter, the virus will let go of the infected crewmate at the last second and attack another. Like a normal pathogen, it most likely also needs some time until it has spread in the body and thus the virus can be taken along unnoticed until it finally breaks out again and everything starts all over again.
A Scoutly
A Scoutly 4 kun oldin
7:31-7:42 Best part of the entire video
Ra Ta
Ra Ta 4 kun oldin
The selective scale intrestingly spark because march systematically drag modulo a ajar otter. jittery, fallacious celsius
MeepyNotSus 4 kun oldin
On the snowman dead body, I think that’s a real bone...
MeepyNotSus 4 kun oldin
Ok... So about the anatomy... From what I can tell, these crewmates don’t really have a skin layer in between their insides and their suits, their hands aren’t connected to them, they have no organs, and they have a ham bone as the only piece of their skeleton... So....... Are they really human?
MeepyNotSus 4 kun oldin
Love your videos by the way!
Pyotr Treykovsky
Pyotr Treykovsky 4 kun oldin
Me being 5'5 and weighing 93lbs
Jacen J
Jacen J 4 kun oldin
Emmanuel Morocho
Emmanuel Morocho 4 kun oldin
bruh we vote them out and then the impostors are in space
Emmanuel Morocho
Emmanuel Morocho 4 kun oldin
also you just ruined the game
VixWasHere 4 kun oldin
Cherry Leah
Cherry Leah 4 kun oldin
Eventually, everyone will die in among us, but it's the same as real-life - everyone will die, in a million years or so, nobody will remember you, or even Elon Musk. *suck on thattttttttttttt*
Mr. Dingus
Mr. Dingus 4 kun oldin
HEY matpat I heard you were actually 2'4 maybe you're the impostor you kinda SUS, HAha I said sus which is funny amogus joke, subscribe to my onlyfans now
Eagan Benoit
Eagan Benoit 5 kun oldin
my theory is that the imposter came from Polus
When the imp is sus :O
Cory McMillen
Cory McMillen 5 kun oldin
Rose T
Rose T 5 kun oldin
Robert Pîrva
Robert Pîrva 5 kun oldin
Hey astronat are childs
Diane Coleman
Diane Coleman 5 kun oldin
The thoughtless turn puzzlingly wander because perch concomitantly possess over a voiceless responsibility. hoc, odd collision
bob bob
bob bob 5 kun oldin
famcruzraw vlog
famcruzraw vlog 5 kun oldin
this is a food theory though I think this is my theorie my theorie: Remember where Polus theres a lab if you look close theres a broken potion the crew were working on that and someone was watching the thing that they were working on but they fell asleep and the thing that was in the potion got out and I do think your changing powers of the alien is true they captured a alien but it got out now you have to figure out who is the impostor or called for once alien
CubingGodzilla Nerd
if there is one game that doesnt make sense to have lore its this
gabeolive 6 kun oldin
I'm under average height by two inches...
Sport DJ
Sport DJ 6 kun oldin
Not RipCharles
Not RipCharles 6 kun oldin
The inside is literally their color bruh
Keene Imbleau
Keene Imbleau 6 kun oldin
6’ gang being discriminated against here
Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt 6 kun oldin
I have a theory! What if the imposter in game is not the actual one on the ship? I know that sounds crazy.. but I have evidence! If you say you always loose how do they all live to the next location? The imposter stops killing after a certain person is voted to make it seem like that person was the killer but really they were framed after death. Like the theory? It seems a bit overboard I know..
Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt 6 kun oldin
Basically the imposter pretends someone else was the imp but they were and players don’t know because it’s false gameplay of what really happened other than sabotages
Purple Among Us
Purple Among Us 6 kun oldin
Your correct... Although the story might have started from Polus because You Might have Needed to Take Temperatures of the planet and then you go on to the Skeld then you ride on the Skeld to The Mira HQ idk where airship would be in the storyline tho ... *BUT THATS JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY*
Carla Cruz
Carla Cruz 6 kun oldin
When you're small and when to be a astronaut
Chill Bruh
Chill Bruh 6 kun oldin
12:59 alternative ending: But Hey, Its just a prank bro!
MR yeet
MR yeet 6 kun oldin
Bruh stop milking this
omg herobrine
omg herobrine 6 kun oldin
let's work together we will win forever they cant stop us the imposters will win no one can stop us hahahaahahahahahhahahahah
Hana Doyle
Hana Doyle 6 kun oldin
maybe being 4 foot 11 is helpful for once
[Caution] May Have A Mental Breakdown
bruh did he just say being 40 kilograms when you're 1 meter tall is oddly light? this is making me feel quite light (PS im 1.57 and switch between 48 to 50 kilos)
Kitt ian Abucayan
Kitt ian Abucayan 6 kun oldin
Oh no not the airship map thats my fav map
Bun Bun
Bun Bun 7 kun oldin
Me: the adults sent their children into space? Mat: They were bred to be short. Me: oh, ok.
Kirk Stacey C. SANCHEZ
I Found This Animation Where A Sloppy Looking Shapeshifter Come In Through The Vents And Kills Blue Then Takes His Shape. And The Airship Is Getting Released If Not Already
Tony Slav Jr
Tony Slav Jr 7 kun oldin
Here’s the next question, what and how are the importer aliens spreading? Is there a creature that goes in their bodies? Is it a creature that takes their skin?
Jakob Yarns
Jakob Yarns 7 kun oldin
Cameron Hayford
Cameron Hayford 7 kun oldin
what about when they lose or win a round? the crewmates come back but some players change color, unless im being wrong, this is what ive seen in the game. what i think is that some crewmates are alive, but the ones that were killed are replaced, i think it would explain why everyone is alive on that tiny spaceship
Jabaar Young
Jabaar Young 7 kun oldin
so I'm gonna be an astronaut in the future yay
Jacob Adames
Jacob Adames 7 kun oldin
0:40 ePiC jUmPsCaRe
Jordan Murphy
Jordan Murphy 7 kun oldin
im just see a cat
im just see a cat 7 kun oldin
The alien looking kinda SUS
Charred Gaming
Charred Gaming 7 kun oldin
please do a henry stickmen theory
Charred Gaming
Charred Gaming 6 kun oldin
@Jakob Yarns no i did medbay scan
Jakob Yarns
Jakob Yarns 7 kun oldin
Michael Hansen
Michael Hansen 7 kun oldin
What if the crewmates are... kids
frost hydronite
frost hydronite 7 kun oldin
Wrong crewmates are actually aliens
Jakob Yarns
Jakob Yarns 7 kun oldin
lol you just ignore the evidence and say that just cuz
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